Isaiah Rashad Cilvia Demo 1LP Vinyl Limited Black 12" Record

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Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo
Limited Edition 1LP on Black Wax.

Brand New. Factory Sealed
100% Authentic UK Import.

Track list:

A1. Hereditary
A2. Webbie Flow (U Like)
A3. Cilvia Demo
A4. R.I.P. Kevin Miller
A5. Ronnie Drake (Feat. SZA)
A6. West Savannah (Feat. SZA)
A7. Soliloquy
A8. Tranquility

B1. Menthol (Feat. Jean Deaux)
B2. Modest
B3. Heavenly Father
B4. Banana
B5. Brad Jordan (Feat. Michael Da Vinci)
B6. Shot You Down (Remix) (Feat. Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q)