Captain Murphy Duality 2LP Vinyl Limited Black 12" Record

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Captain Murphy - Duality
Limited Edition 2LP On Black Wax.

Brand New. Factory Sealed
100% Authentic UK Import.

Track list:

A1. Disciples
A2. El Topo
A3. Mighty Morphin Foreskin
A4. The Ritual
A5. Between Friends (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
A6. Children Of The Atom
A7. Jalapenos
A8. Gloe
A9. The Killing Joke
B1. Hovercrafts & Cows
B2. Gone Fishing (Feat. Jeremiah Jae)
B3. Drive Thru
B4. Immaculation (Feat. Aziz Gibson & Jeremiah Jae)
B5. The Prisoner
B6. Shake Weight
B7. [hidden track]
C1. El Topo (Instrumental)
C2. Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Instrumental)
C3. The Ritual (Instrumental)
C4. Between Friends (Instrumental)
C5. Children Of The Atom (Instrumental)
C6. Jalapenos (Instrumental)
C7. Gloe (Instrumental)
C8. The Killing Joke (Instrumental)
D1. Hovercrafts & Cows (Instrumental)
D2. Gone Fishing (Instrumental)
D3. Drive Thru (Instrumental)
D4. Immaculation (Instrumental)
D5. The Prisoner (Instrumental)
D6. [hidden track] (Instrumental)
D7. [hidden track] (Instrumental)