Capital Steez Amerikkkan Korruption 2LP Vinyl Limited Black 12" Record

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Capital Steez - Amerikkkan Korruption
Limited Edition 2LP on Black Wax.
Brand New. Factory Sealed
100% Authentic UK Import.

Track list:

A1. Capital Steez
A2. Dead Prez
A3. Free The Robots
A4. Vibe Ratings
A5. Cab Fare (Feat. CJ Fly & Chuck Strangers)
B1. Dead On Arrival
B2. Doggybag
B3. 47 Elements
B4. HYPE/Beast (Feat. Uno Hype)
B5. Infinity And Beyond
C1. Talking Shit (Feat. Joey Badass)
C2. 135
C3. Bonified Loving
C4. Chicago
C5. Evol Love
D1. Black Petunia (Feat. Jakk The Rhymer)
D2. Hard Times (Feat. Rokamouth, CJ Fly, & Dirty Sanchez)
D3. 47 Piiirates (Feat. Dirty Sanchez)
D4. Herban Legend
D5. Up Above (Feat. Dirty Sanchez)
D6. Apex